Daily Program

  • Saturday 14 October 2017
  • Sunday 15 October 2017
Time Program
8:00~8:50 Registration
8:50~9:00 Opening Ceremony
9:00~9:40 Oral Presentation
Chair: Hidetaka Okada
9:40~11:10 Invited session 1 : PGD / PGS
Chairs: Kyung-Ah Lee, Norihiro Sugino
Manish Banker, India PGS for all ? what is the evidence.
Yoshiharu Nakaoka, Japan Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening as embryo integrity assessment.
Kamthorn Pruksananonda, Thailand Mosaic and PGS.
11:10~11:20 Coffee Break  
11:20~12:00 Special Lecture
Chair: Yasunori Yoshimura
Richard Reindollar, USA A last chance for pregnancy before and after the menopause.
12:00~12:10 Break  
12:10~13:00 Luncheon Seminar 1
Chairs: Yoshihiko Hosoi, Kyu-Sup Lee
Jason Swain, USA Mineral Oil: A Key Component in the Culture System
13:00~13:20 Coffee Break
13:20~14:00 Special Lecture 2
Chair: Hiroshi Okada
Craig Niederberger, USA State of the ART treatment of the azoospermic male.
14:00~15:30 Invited session 2 : Mitochondria
Chairs: Tsunehisa Makino, Shu Hashimoto
Yoshiharu Morimoto, Japan Application of Mitochondrial Technology in Human Reproduction.
Chii-Ruey Tzeng, Taiwan Update and challenge of Mitochondrial research in ART
Justin St. John, Australia How mitochondrial DNA supplementation aids blastocyst development.
15:30~15:50 Coffee Break   
15:50~16:30 Special Lecture 3
Chair: Osamu Tsutsumi
David K. Gardner, Australia Interactions of the embryo with culture media, other embryos and the endometrium.
16:30~18:00 Invited session 3 : Cryopreservation
Chairs: Somboon Kunathikom, Young-Min Choi
Keisuke Edashige, Japan Equilibrium Vitrification of Mammalian Embryos.
Nao Suzuki, Japan Recent topics on ovarian tissue cryopreservation and transplantation
Hiroaki Shibahara, Japan Fertility preservation in young cancer patients.
18:30~20:30 Gala Dinner  
Time Program
8:00~8:30 Registration
8:30~9:10 Oral Presentation
Chair: Nobuhiko Suganuma
9:10~10:40 Invited session 4 : Future
Chairs: Shing-Yong Moon, Jo Kitawaki
Kwang-Yul Cha, Korea Current status of regenerative medicine and future directions: from Bench to Bedside
Atsushi Tanaka, Japan Development of novel infertility treatment of ovarian dysfunction using modified in vitro activation (IVA).
Osamu Ishihara, Japan Cultural and social determinants on the number of embryos transferred at ART.
10:40~10:50 Coffee Break
10:50~11:35 Special Lecture 4
Chair: Minoru Irahara
Victor Gomel, Canada Uterine transplantation: the pros and cons.
11:35~11:50 PSRM 2019 Congress Announcement Kamthorn Pruksananonda, Thailand
11:50~12:00 Break
12:00~12:45 Luncheon Seminar 2
Chair: Masayasu Koyama
Satoshi Odo, Japan L-carnitine; an overview of versatile novel functions on the traditional molecule.
12:45-12:55 Coffee Break
12:55~13:35 Special Lecture 5
Chair: Tadashi Kimura
Katsuhiko Hayashi, Japan Possibility of gametogenesis in vitro from stem cells – what we need for application - 
13:35~15:05 Invited session 5 : Updates in ART (1)
Chairs: Hidekazu Saito
Yutaka Osuga, Japan Novel strategies for ART in patients with endometriosis, adenomyosis, and uterine fibroid
Aisaku Fukuda, Japan IVM as a routine clinical treatment of ART for PCO patients.
Johan E.J. SMITZ, Belgium Advances in In-vitro maturation of cumulus-oocyte complexes from small human follicles in patients with normal and high AMH.
15:05~15:20 Coffee Break
15:20~16:50 Invited session 6 : Updates in ART (2)
Chairs: Milton Leong, Bunpei Ishizuka
Tomoya Kitajima, Japan Cell biological causes of aneuploidy in eggs.
Bill Yee, USA Lifestyle: Impact on Male and Female Fertility
Kuniaki Ohta, Japan Nutritional and environmental science in the reproductive age.
16:50~17:00 Closing Ceremony
AWARDS: Best ORAL presentation
AWARDS: Best POSTER presentation