Natural Impressin


Autumn arrangement

Putti arrangement

Bogen form

Structural bouquet

Round Bouquet

Spring bouquet

Asymmetry bouquet

Standing bouquet 

Moss bear'gift

 Arrangement for a sideboard

Autumn wreaths

Preserved rose and Carnation

Preserved rose arrangement

The learning style of the German flower arrangement is well establised.
That means you can learn how to arrange flowers effectively and enjoyably.
I, myself, have learned the German style more than 10 years.
Based on the knowledge and skills I acquired with it,
I always try to make flowers look most beautiful
observing their characteristics, including thier forms, textures and growth,
and maximizing those features in the most effective way in arrangements.
What is distinctive in my arrangements is that I try to add some "tint"
to the conventional German style,
which is sometimes very traditional, very modern, or very Japanesque

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