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3rd year
During the damp rainy season,I close the window and then the wood will absorb moisture so I could spend comfortably. Even in recent hot weather we can live comfortable without air conditioning by opening and closing windows properly.

However, it is a difficult point for the sound to sound too much. Because even if I call in a private room (although it is not clearly distinct) it can be heard downstairs.
The noise of the second floor echoes considerably so the visitors says "What sound is hearing?" · · ·

Although it is the third year, it is still said that the visitor is "It is nice scent!" We do not smell so much anymore, it seems like a mysterious, kind of happy ...

A new house has increased in this neighborhood. But, there are no such kind of house like ours. I feel it strange and sad.

Special reports by 'Simple Cedar house' clients.

2nd year
We did not have a airconditionler this crazy hot summerBIt was comfortable closing south-east shutters and glass doors during the day.

Since the north side is cool, I opened all the windows and closed the time that the sun sets. I slept well at night only with electric fans. Neither the earthquake nor the storm of the typhoon does not budge. (I did not notice it while I was swinging ...)

A person who visits yet says "I smell the tree."
The other day, it was rather warm inside the house when I got cold on a suddenly cold day, so it will be surprising that the outdoors are unusually cold as I go out in barefoot / sleeveless shape.

1st year
Our home has been completed just over a year and it 's been becoming comfortable to live more!

When it suddenly became extremely hot and humid half a month ago, I felt it was still cool when I was inside the house.

It seems to be close to 30 degrees Celsius during the day two or three days, it is rather confortable with the windows are all closed.

Customers of the first time, even now would say "Wow, that smells good!"

Awesomeness of craftsmen

It is wonderful for someone to make something for someone else. I will never forget the carpenters who made the hardest work for us. I will remember forever a variety of craftsmen including carpenters, Tatamiya san, joinery shop, etc. I strongly felt it was a very rich thing to remember the face of the person who made it. (wife)

I I felt it from the time of the ceremony, but each pillar glows iridescently! It is probably a gift full of carpenters' thoughts. I am happy to live in such a house! (husband)

Depth of the eaves

The feeling that it is protected is wonderful. Even though it rains, washing stuff is okay. The feeling of security protected by the eaves was the first experience, but it gives us very peaceful comfort. When it gets pouring down, I think of something punishable for "getting off more" in my mind. (wife)

Everywhere you look it is an architect who Shigefumi Nakamura designed and designed a deep eaves. Every time I see this deep eaves, I feel that I came back home. (husband)

Tree node
Very mysterious. I feel comfortable watching. What is it? That pattern! It is the universe. (wife)

My wife said that the ceiling looked like the universe (galaxy).

At the beginning of theliving in this house,cockroach came out and it came to me as a cockroach · · ·

There are interesting clauses in some places and I can feel caribilities of carpentry in the clause. (husband)

The scent of wood

I I do not feel it much now, but the entrance and the bath smell a lot. Just because I do not feel as a smell, the body seems to feel very much about the tree, and I feel very comfortable when I return home. (wife)

I I do not feel the fragrance of wood very much from the beginning of living, but as I left home for several days, the fragrance of the tree was filled in my house!

Surprisingly the wood smell was strong in the toilet. And the fragrance of the cypress on the shelf on the kitchen that the door maker built was intense! (husband)


@It seems to be absorbed so much, it is as smooth as it is surprised. In addition, even if the child is deceived, it is somewhat far from me.

I used to sticky vinyl cloth before, so I wiped it hard, but it seems that trees treat me like wood is wiped properly and dried · · ·. great! (wife)

Even on a humid day, the inside of the house is smooth and very comfortable! I feel the tree breathes as the floor board gets opened. (husband)

Wet deck

@It looks like indoors and it looks like the outdoors. Dried cushion, eat snacks with children. It spreads the world out of the living room. It is very rich.

The wet deck have the most rough feeling.
So I often wipe it with a wet cloth and I will be comfortable as I go out at barefoot anytime.
I might be cleaning harder than the interior .... (wife)

The wet deck on the second floor are the best playgrounds.I am running around with my daughter on holidays.

Because it becomes too hot for daytime in summer but II can not go out but I think the coming season is very comfortable. Especially in the morning and evening it is perfect for spending a pleasant breeze. (husband)


Those that have excellent functions should be beautiful in appearance .... I think the house is also so. However, the appearance is too cool to go in and out at first. Passengers often talk to us.
My house stands out very much. Burned cedar, plaster, silver roof. It is more modern than traditional Japanese style building. It is strange why you will not do it on the street. (wife)@

Looking from anywhere Looks like Mr. Nakamura designed it, it seems old-fashioned and actually modern? I love the appearance. I am looking forward to see how cedar and plaster are going to change. (husband)


Too much pleasantness, we stopped coming out. Anyway stay home! Looking up at the ceiling is a day I feel stoked as "a good house." (wife)

Bath room

The high ceiling and the wooden wall feel like an inn, and I take a bath comfortably every day. Because moisture can escape thanks to the top light and the window in the high position, I do not care much. (husband)


We did not have an air conditioner this summer, too. Even though I got home from work outside, the inside of the house was cooler than outside and sweat was very comfortable inside the house, so I could sleep on a hot night if there was a fan.

It is very airy here, so it will be cold so you can not sleep unless you close the window in cold weather as the temperature falls
.I'm looking forward to how cold it will be for winter.


imposed a little impossible but I think that I was really glad to build it.

Even at my company's house I went home early, but I want to return the work to the house even faster soon I want to go home.

Although I thought about various kinds of plans, I think that it is good to take a turnaround plan which my daughter runs round and round on the first and second floors.

Relaxing entrance It is perfect for having our guests welcomed,also very nice to welcome a guests at the wet deck!

NOISE made a good job far much better than our imagination!. I would like to take care of my own in the future.

I wrote it for a long time, but in a nutshell it's a good house anyway. (husband)

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