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Mansonge's "Japanese Folklore" 

Mansonge's studies and elucidation
on Japanese depth tarditional mentality
that Europeans and Americans can't understand at all.

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    What is "Japan"(Nippon)? What is "Japanese people"? This site has the studies to solve the origin & depths of Japan and Japanese people by a Japanese self, seriously and brilliantly. (I seem that these are classfied religious folklore, social folklore or depth folklore.) All pages are free.


  • No.010  最初の成人式・大国主神の話と黄泉の国の秘密99.01.17
    No.010/ The first coming-of-age ceremony ; the talk of "Okuninushi-god", and the secret of "the land of Yomi" 99.01.17
    Laborious work which spies into the talk of Okuninushi-god who received the first coming-of-age ceremony in Japan, and the secret of "the land of Yomi" which makes the coming-of-age ceremony possible. Saying clearly, this is cool !

  • No.009  夢とは何か、初夢とは何か99.01.10
    No.009/ What's a dream? What's "a first dream of the New Year"? 99.01.10
    I send to you about a dream suitably in the New Year. What is the treasure ship loaded? The theory of a dream and "a first dream of the New Year" as sharing nothing in terms of objectives or opinions.

  • No.008  太古の正月とハレの原風景---「暦」以前98.12.24
    No.008/ The ancient New Year and original scenery of "Hare" --- before "Calendar" 98.12.24
     「正月特集」第3弾。中国の「暦」なき日本の太古の正月とは? 死と再生の儀礼こそが正月を含めたハレ(祭り)の本義である。
    The 3rd cartridge of "a New Year special edition." About the New Year of the ancient times of Japan without Chinese "calendar". Death and reproductive courtesy are just the true meanings of "Hare"(festivals) including the New Year.

  • No.007  凧上げと羽根突き---陰陽五行説による正月98.12.16
    No.007/ A kite raising and a battledore-and-shuttlecock --- The New Year by the Yin, Yang and five elements combination theory 98.12.16
    The 2nd cartridge of "a New Year special edition." A kite raising and a battledore-and-shuttlecock were the seeing the new year in magic of the New Year. The secret of the New Year is clarified by the Yin, Yang and five elements combination theory.

  • No.006  「正月」とは何か---暦の観点から98.12.09
    No.006/ What's "the New Year"? --- from a viewpoint of the calendar 98.12.09
    The 1st cartridge of "a New Year special edition." Why does it write it to the New Year's greetings of winter as "the new spring" and "the first spring"? It begins to explain from the structure of the lunar calendar, and the meaning of the New Year is found.

  • No.005  現代日本における呪術とその意味98.12.02
    No.005/ Magic in present age Japan, and its meaning 98.12.02
    That and this are magic. The magic which governs the heart of the young and old of both sexes of present age Japan also now is reported.Aand about the meaning of magic.

  • 増刊号01  日本における「ケガレ」という差別(「 吉外井戸のある村」に所収) 98.11.28
    Special number number 01/ The discrimination "KEGARE" in Japan (it is carried to "A village with the mad well") 98.11.28
     日本においては死や罪は当人ひとりにはとどまらない。「ケガレ」という拡がりをもつ。なぜなのだろうか? 日本人の人間観にまで探る。
    Neither death nor a crime remains as one person in question in Japan. It has the spread "KEGARE". Why is it? It explores even in a Japanese human view.

  • No.004  「清め塩」と人間文化の成立98.11.25
    No.004/ "the salt in clean" and the formation of human culture 98.11.25
    Recently, "the salt in clean" is being eliminated at a funeral. Although this very thing is not great, the big theme in fact is hidden here.

  • No.003  日本人の魂の極楽98.11.18
    No.003/ The paradise of Japanese souls 98.11.18
    Buddhism was changed at the "next world" till then, and forced Japanese people "hell and paradise." Are Japanese souls followed and stuck to "paradise" safely sure enough?

  • No.002  大魔神・ウルトラマン・仮面ライダーにおける「カミ」の三変態98.11.11
    No.002/ Three transformations of the "god" in "the big samurai god", "the ultra man" and "the masked rider" 98.11.11
    The relation between Japanese "god" and a man is read for "the big samurai god", "the ultra man" and "the masked rider. In fact, the heroes of a movie or television were "gods."

  • No.001  宗教以前の宗教---日本の祭りのために98.11.06
    No.001/ A "religion" before a religion --- To a festival of Japan sake 98.11.06
    What is the "religion" for a Japanese? What is a festival of Japan? "The ancient sacred-and-profane view" which continues flowing to the depths of the Japanese heart is approached.

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